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NOTE:  All recipes on this site are in .PDF format.

Many a family gathering was held because of new appetizer recipes we wanted to try out.  Since food is so very important to our family, and we know each other's tastes, a recipe might originate in a cookbook or newspaper, but invariably be changed to accommodate our own preferences.  It is more with "Appetizers" and "Spreads, Dips & Sauces" categories that we were more prone to personalize a recipe.

As with all recipes on this site, when the recipe is directly from Grandma and Grandpa's Recipe Box, you will see who or where the recipe came from.  I'm notating any changes in the recipe I made when "testing" it out.

Zingers (Simple Wing Recipe) 

Welsh Rarebit 

Amanda's Honey BBQ Wings 

Steamed Chinese Dumplings  

Spinach Shao Mai

Stuffed Mushrooms (Cheese)

Bow Tie Chips

Stuffed Jalapenos



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