Green House on Kahl Road Family Cookbook
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NOTE:  All recipes on this site are in .PDF format.

Welcome to our family cookbook site!

Finally, after several years (and false starts), the recipes are gathered and sorted;  We have scanned and indexed, tried our best to interpret handwriting and faded type. 

Then there was the official taste testing. Admittedly, this was the best, and sometimes the worst aspect of this enterprise.  Yes, there were recipes that must have lost a crucial ingredient when written down.  I suppose it was that  "oh-so-secret" ingredient we all leave out in order to make our recipe taste like no other.  In those cases, I went to the library and internet and found other similar recipes to find that "missing ingredient".  In the end, Family and I managed to finagle many a recipe to the best it could be.

Of course, the best and most crucial ingredient our relatives-by- love (friends), siblings, children, parents, aunts, uncles, as well as great grandparents, great aunts and uncles placed in all their recipes was love of those they made these dishes for. 

Remember this when trying out these recipes, and you too can make a memory for your family, just as these recalled our Suckow-Egebrecht memories in the accumulation of this recipe file. 

I'll be uploading these recipes as I prep them, so enjoy.  Sorry all the pictures aren't loaded, but I'll be doing those as I caption them with the various scribbles I find on the back.










Beignets (12/31)

Sandwich Sauce (12/31)

Stuffed Jalapenos (12/31)



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